The Supersonic Rebonded Foam


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  • Thickness : 5″ – 8″
  • Combination of Hybrid Rebonded and super soft foam
  • Knitted fabric
  • Flip side design
  • Deep knitted upholstery
  • Feel – Soft & Firm
  • Upto 8 years warranty

Additional information

For those who enjoy an active lifestyle, any discomfort to the back appears an un-welcome situation to them. Springtek Supersonic is designed around a body stress repairing concept. Its self-adjusting hard foam core with Turkish Thermo-bonded support layers exercise buoyancy and adapt to the anatomical shapes of the spine. With premium plush looks, its special recharge therapy is just what you need. The Mattress top layers comes with super soft foam makes the body freely float on the mattress which helps in improving circulation of the blood in our body, super soft foam gives low bounce back for your body and helps us in relieving the stress in our body. The second layer comes with reactive foam its very dense and provides a solid firm support base. Extraordinary density ensures compactness resulting in a firm spine and body support and generous distribution of the body weight, open cell reactive foam that is made from shredded pieces of foam. The bottom layer comes with turkish layer, the thermo-bonded felt gives you the best comfort and long lasting life of mattress. Our Supersonic Bonded Foam comes with anti sagging technology which gives long life to your mattress and provides you with long lasting comfort for years to come.