The Royalty

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  • Thickness: 6″-10”
  • Memory Foam Combined with HR and profile foam
  • Separate Layers of foam for an undisturbed sleep
  • Knitted fabric with zipper cover
  • Separate inner cover for extra safety
  • No need to flip design
  • Firm sitting edges
  • Deep Knitted upholstery
  • Feel – Plush, Soft
  • Upto 10 Years Warranty

Additional information

The top layer comprises of sensitive memory foam that takes the shape of the body and evenly distributes body weight over the entire surface. The base layer comprises high resilience PU foam to provide optimal spinal support. The experience of lying on this mattress is best described as "weightlessness". The mattress reduce pressure points, and thus tossing and turning , by up to 80%.The fabric undergoes a special anti-bed bugs treatment . Our mattress is really safe from dust mite growth and microbial development. Not just that but also mould stains, algae infestation and odour too, because what's glorious inside should be glittering outside as well. The Royalty is made from advanced German Technology that employs environment - friendly manufacturing methods . It's unique open cell structure ensures perfect air circulation and ideal moisture management enabling hybrid sleeping systems.