The Orthopedic Coir


  • Thickness : 6″- 8″
  • Combination of Natural Latex, Bonded and HR Foam
  • Coir Foam Mattress for spine care development
  • Deep knitted fabric
  • Flip side design
  • Feel – Orthopedic

Additional information

Our team of experts designed our Ortho Care after Years of research and development. We have combined various combinations to unleash the ultimate satisfaction pertaining your back problems. One can call our Ortho Care a Panacea. The fabric undergoes a special anti-bed bugs treatment. Our mattress is really safe from dust mite growth and microbial development. Not just that but also mould stains, algae infestation and odour too, because what’s glorious inside should be glittering outside as well. This orthopedic mattress is well defined due to high dried rubber content used to make this mattress along with high density Bonded and HR Foam